Newton once said, "If i have seen farther, it is by standing on the shoulder of the giants". Here, at we present you a huge cluster of biographies which offers you an opportunity to ride the shoulder of the giants and see as much farther as you can. The great well of knowledge already dug up by our predecessors not only enriches our life but their experiences and their mistakes serve as lessons, which make our ascend smoother if it all we want to rise high up and aspire to sit amongst them in the historical chronicles. Here, at we not only present you the awe-inspiring and stimulating life stories of those who have held the beacon of knowledge and passed onto the future generations, here we also present you the colorful and riveting life stories celebrities like sportsman and film-stars who have grasped the admiration of the masses. Starting from scientists, mathematicians, criminals, musicians, to writers, as well as the great cynosures of our society, the film stars, and the biographical sketches will at times amuse you and at occasions seem revolting and spine-chilling as they offer a sneak peek into the machination and the deepest and the darkest emotions of the criminal minds. Be it the life stories of those belonging to the bygone eras or of those who are still breathing the same air as us, be it full of scandals and upheavals, or be it virtuous or holier-than-thou, be it inspiring or appalling, all the stories of these known faces of history are lessons in themselves from which the human race can learn a great deal. As a famous Romanian proverb goes, “Fools go out, make their own mistakes and learn from them. Smart people learn from others' mistakes”. So read about their mistakes and their glory, known how they were fueled and catapulted and see what it takes to be there.